Villa Harding Green residents protest on route 229 due to the lack of water and electricity

Neighbors of the Villa Harding Green neighborhood cut Route 229 this afternoon, at its intersection with Bullrich Street, due to lack of basic services, especially due to the problem they have with water.

Through Facebook, the neighborhood movement of Villa Harding Green called for the demonstration “all the neighbors who want to be heard due to the lack of basic services”, such as water, electricity and garbage collection.

Emiliano Uribe, who sent The new one. photos and a video said that there are “130 families in the neighborhood without water.”

“We live in inhumane conditions, without drinking water, without electricity, without being able to sanitize ourselves, without being able to wash clothes, with waste in the garbage for days,” the neighborhood movement said on its Facebook page.

“We want an answer for all the families that live in the neighborhood. Seniors and children suffering from the lack of water and electricity in the midst of this heat wave,” they added.

“Bahía Blanca is made up of all citizens, not only those who are middle / upper class … Many neighborhoods claiming the same, but the privileges only reach the private neighborhoods, Palihue, Patagonia and downtown. Lack of water but the center is full of pots and useless yellow sticks? “, they claimed from the social network, and now from the road.

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