Villa Gobernador Gálvez: they report progress in the works of Libertador Avenue

Mayor Alberto Ricci toured the paving of the trace where the 20cm-thick concrete is being made, which will be the final layer for vehicular traffic. The work will have a great impact not only on the residents of the avenue, but on the entire east-west circulation of the city.

“The original project was improved, the Government of the Province agreed to carry out the entire trace in concrete, since originally a part was going to be asphalt. This will allow us greater durability throughout the track” highlighted Ricci.

In that sense, he clarified: “The work has been advancing at a good pace, complying with all the necessary stages, the soil movement was carried out, then a layer of concrete, which works as a base and now on top of that the concrete of the roadway. It seems that the times are slower in terms of completion, the work system requires more time, but we are going to win it in the durability of the work.”

The work will mark a before and after in the east-west connectivity of the city. As a complement, the municipality plans to present to the province an improvement plan for Av. Soldado Aguirre, between Alfonsín to Sarmiento and Sarmiento to Mosconi, which will complement the work on Av. Libertador.

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