“Vikings”: Should Lagertha kill her? New theory raises questions

“Vikings” – Request for an honorable death

“Vikings”: Fan theory raises questions.

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As a reminder, after it becomes clear in season one that Lagertha cannot bear any more children, Ragnar begins an affair with Aslaug. She bears him further offspring, much to Lagertha’s displeasure. In season four, Lagertha recaptured Kattegat with the help of Astrid and her army. The only condition that the defeated Queen Aslaug has is that she can safely leave the city. Lagertha agrees, but then shoots her in the back with an arrow. Aslaug is then buried solemnly and appropriately for a queen.

A new fan theory is now that Aslaug even wanted to be killed and that her words were misunderstood. In the English original, Aslaug asked for a “safe passage” and “let me leave in peace”. One could also understand these words to mean that she wanted to die in peace and have a safe passage to Valhalla in the form of an appropriate burial.

The pros and cons of the theory can certainly be disputed, but Aslaug actor Alyssa Sutherland also fueled her in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. When asked whether Aslaug had deliberately instigated her death through Lagertha, she replied: “I think so. I think that was her Viking way of dying. The whole thing is very complex. If she had just left, what would have happened then happened? Would she have died of old age? This is not a dramatic death for her. The Vikings wanted to fall in battle and become famous. ”

Series maker Michael Hirst has not yet commented on the question. If you want to see the scene again yourself, you can do so on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both streaming giants have the entire series “Vikings” in their program.

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