VIDEO: Young man shows his golf shots from the "heights"

The social networks have been a platform in which thousands of users have been able to show their skills and talents in different hobbies, from dancing, sports, cooking, painting among other activities.

On this occasion, a twenty-year-old youngster left Internet users speechless by showing his gifts when it comes to playing golf, however he did it in a very original way that not everyone dares.

Dylan Chamberlain, natives of the United States decided to record with his cell phone what he usually does in his free time, what is to practice golf but from the trampoline, a situation that adds difficulty to the sport.

It was through the YouTube channel, Caters Clips that the recording was shared in which you can see like the young man jumping, he skillfully hits the golf ball with the special club.

The scenes were made virals on different platforms and received hundreds of congratulations and good comments from Internet users, who recognized the talent that the young man has in sports.

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