VIDEO: Young "assures" that the "come out" mice on your leg

The TikTok platform has been a medium in which thousands of users have sought an opportunity in which they can show their skills and talents, However, there are others who manage to have thousands of followers by showing chilling scenes.

As in the following case, where a young man repeatedly has published several videos in which he shows something shocking to his followers, in a matter of minutes the scenes have gone viral.

The user Lesterchaluk He has been sharing his story with Internet users and the man says that some mice are “born” from his leg, situation that has shocked more than one.

He recently posted a recording in which you can see how there is a small “healed” wound on the man’s leg and right in that hole that can be seen appear the little mice that he has called “strange creatures”.

The users For their part, many of them have asked him to publish a closer video, others think that it is part of an edition and some say that he surely has a blow already healed and take the opportunity to place the animals there, however no one really knows what is going on with the subject.

For his part, the man assures that he has had time for this to happen and currently his videos already have more than 8 million views, in addition to the fact that the protagonist of the story assures that it all started one night that gave him pain in his leg.

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