VIDEO | March against insecurity in Iquique

At noon this Saturday, January 15, a protest began in Iquique in which, they assure in the call posters, mobilize against crime in the sector.

The March he left peacefullye from Plaza Prat and moved through the main streets of the city to reach Cavancha beach. They are calculated around 2 thousand people at the demonstration.

According to cThey attended DNA, “We fight for our rights, for our city. I don’t think it’s just a migration issue, it’s a whole level issue.”

Attendees also criticized migrants for living in public spaces. In fact, they confronted migrants who live on the streets, for which police personnel had to intervene.

A CVenezuelan citizen who arrived in Iquique told ADN that “we have not gone out to harm anyone. We have children, we are human beings, we are not all to blame.”


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