Video: He threw graveyard dirt into the office to curse his coworkers

The people work, on average, more than 30 years of their lives. Throughout all that time, they establish relationships with hundreds of people with whom they share many working hours and experience innumerable situations that are sometimes the most hilarious. There is also a place for the birth of new friendships or romances. However, there is not always a good vibe among everyone in the office, either due to mistreatment or little predisposition by one of the parties to help another colleague with a problem that affects the team in their task.

Sometimes, when a person does not feel comfortable in their work, they use dialogue as a good tool to clarify situations and clarify misunderstandings that could trigger even greater conflicts that affect the job, although sometimes the working environment does not tend to change and the employee ends up quitting because he was already tired or because he got “something better”.

This is the case of a former civil servant of the Town hall of the city of Rommy, located in the province of Sumy, on Ukraine, that he apparently did not get along very well with his office mates and made the drastic decision to curse them with “graveyard land”. In a video that was recorded by the security cameras of the place, the woman, whose identity was not disclosed, is seen wearing a cap and dark glasses who entered the premises as if nothing had happened.

A few seconds after seeing her enter the door, she is observed in a corridor crouched next to a door spreading something with her hands, dusting what she left with her feet and slowly withdrawing from the place. This video went viral on social networks after it became known what the item had been thrown by the former official.

Her colleagues told local media that the woman, who is the head of human resources, threw dirt at their doors “from a graveyard to curse them.” Mayor Oleg Stogni He assured that I try to “find out why he did it”, but the civil servant did not give explanations on the matter and preferred to resign to his job.

Following the peculiar incidents, officials called a priest to bless the Mayor’s Office. Another version that was released is that the video had been manipulated, since Stogni he intended to fire the woman for reasons that were not disclosed.

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