Video: Groom does not arrive at his wedding and is replaced by a mannequin

A bride had to replace to its promised with a makeshift mannequin after the groom couldn’t get to her wedding.

It wasn’t because the man repented at the last minute; rather, he was absent because he could no longer hold his stomach, and not because of nerves, but because of a severe poisoning.

The married couple had booked their wedding reception at the Victorian Youngsville, a Victorian house specifically adapted for wedding celebrations, located in North Carolina.

It is said that the boyfriend began to feel true upset stomach during dinner, so he had to rush to the hospital to be treated, leaving his girlfriend to deal with the wedding and the rest of the guests.

That was not a reason to cancel the celebration, far from it. The bride pulled an ace up her sleeve and came up with a emergency plan for her boyfriend to be present (somehow).

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With a clothes steamer What body and a ipad to figure the face it was how they replaced the boyfriend. They even gave him a sack!

In this way it was possible for the bride dance with her “new” husband.

The place where the wedding was held shared the video on their account TikTok with the caption “He had severe food poisoning and is better now.”

@thevictorianyoungsvillehe had severe food poisoning & is doing better now! 😅 ##weddingtiktok ##manifestation ##relationships ##selfcare ##wedding ## fyp ##horrorstory ##weddingfail

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The bride took the opportunity to slice your cake together.

In the video you can see different guests taking selfies with the makeshift groom.

Guests taking selfies with mannequin groom

The clip did not take long to go viral. He currently has about 900 thousand reproductions.

The bride commented on the video from her TikTok account and said that this was the third attempt to celebrate her wedding in times of Covid.

“Girlfriend here. A huge thank you to the Victorian. This was our third attempt at a “covid” wedding, she wrote under the username @gannonkarmire.

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“Do not let the groom eat 24 hours before the wedding,” writes @tiktokgettinwild.

“Now she’s married to her ipad,” @ mg2125 commented.


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