Video: Camilo and Evaluna already had diapers and baby clothes stored for four years

Camilo and Evaluna already had diapers and baby clothes stored for four years. Yesterday the singers revealed the great news in their video “Indigo”, yes, they shouted to the world that they would be parents.

This morning Evaluna gave her first interview after she and her husband went viral with the note of her pregnancy and made more than one cry with the way they related their pregnancy.

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In this interview, the daughter of the singer Ricardo Montaner revealed even more details of the baby she is expecting with so much love, and it turns out that it came out to say that her first son or daughter will be called “Indigo” and that to know the gender of the heir they will wait until the day of their birth.

In addition, excitedly, she said that motherhood will be an adventure that will live with Camilo, because they plan to take the baby on tour and anywhere they have to work, which will make fatherhood something very fun.

But amid all the happiness that floods the Montaner family, a video also went viral showing that Evaluna and Camilo were “destined” to be together and that the singer gave him four years ago, exactly On their second wedding anniversary, a box where he kept what would be the baby’s first hat that they wanted to have at that time, along with a diaper bag and a light for what he thought would be his first home.

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For said anniversary gift at that time, Camilo was the victim of ridicule, as many told him that it was very exaggerated and intense with his dating relationship, at that time.

Of course, Camilo and Evaluna never cared about this type of criticism and they continued to show love to each other with cheesy and beautiful details that enchanted many of their true fans.

After this surprise, many more came that made the hearts of their fans dream and discover that beautiful loves do exist and that is why the couple has become one of the most beloved in the world.

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