Video: brutal assault on a young man leaving a clandestine party

Moisés Agustín Pérez Silva is 30 years old and since Monday he has been hospitalized in serious condition after being the target of a beating by a gang at the end of a party in Chacras de Coria, Mendoza.

While the young man is recovering at the Cuyo de Ciudad Clinic, a video of the attack reached the hands of the detectives in the case.

This is a key test for the investigators, who work under the directives of the Homicide prosecutor Claudia Ríos, as they hope that the images, taken by guests at the party, will help identify the perpetrators of the attack.

According to witnesses, it was around ten subjects who perpetrated the savage beating against Pérez. The main hypothesis holds that the young man tried to defend a girl.

The incident took place at dawn on Monday, around 5.30, when the victim was leaving a party that was held at a parador in the area.

The reconstruction adds that he was intercepted by a group of subjects in the area of ​​the Pan-American route, between the Los Caracoles roundabout and the Corredor del Oeste.

The attackers hit him with their fists and with blunt elements – they would be large stones – which they also used to damage the victim’s Toyota Hilux truck.

Police information indicates that the authors were traveling aboard a gray Volkswagen Vento or Chevrolet Corsa, a vehicle from which the license plate had been removed to avoid being individualized.

After the beating, the victim was transferred to the Central Hospital –then he was referred to the aforementioned private clinic–, where the doctors confirmed that he had a trauma to the right side of the skull.

Pérez is known for being a handball player and having served as a goalkeeper for the Argentine National Team in that discipline. In addition, he is fond of fly fishing and works as a dealer and parts dealer.

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