Vidal, Santoro, Milei and Bregman crossed paths in a hot television debate

In a hot debate, full of Chicanas, the candidates for national deputies for the City of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro Santoro (Frente de Todos), Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza) and Myriam Bregman were measured tonight ahead of the elections on November 14.

In his first intervention, Vidal got out of the mold by demanding that President Alberto Fernández “ask the resignation” of the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, after the controversy over his crossing with the cartoonist Nik.

“I first want to ask everyone to accompany a proposal, which is to ask the president to ask the resignation of Aníbal Fernández. What happened is unacceptable, he crossed a limit,” he said, which generated applause from the team that accompanied him on the platform. of the television studio.

For his part, Santoro explained that although he does not come from Peronism, he is part of a political front that fights for political sovereignty, economic independence and social justice.

In turn, Milei admitted that he “shouts a lot” because he feels “outraged” and “tired of the political caste” that “is stealing our future.”

“I am dangerous for the political caste because with me the bullshit of privileges is over,” he said, adding that the Executive Power is a “monarchy” and the National Congress an “oligarchy.”

Bregman replied that the libertarian leader supports “the factions of the Spanish Vox party that defend the monarchy” and also recalled that despite differing from the political “caste”, he was “an advisor to the genocide (Antonio) Bussi”, who was convicted of crimes against humanity committed during the dictatorship.

Milei said that “the republic is bankrupt”, and in part that happens because “all of them (in reference to Vidal, Santoro and Bregman) in one way or another adhere to this that where there is a need, there is a right”

“The problem with that is that the needs are infinite. The problem is that when you create a right, someone has to pay for it. That is inconsistent, it leads to fiscal crises. They are crises that only benefit the political caste because they involve every time a bigger state, “he reflected.

“Do you know the theory of Ronald Mc Donald? Because you are the employee of the month of the multinationals”, Bregman threw the candidate of La Libertad Avanza.

In one of her speeches, the leftist referent also criticized the Government, which she accused of “voting on an adjustment budget in December last year when it knew that the second wave” of coronavirus was coming.

“The Left Front denounced it, but now, as if that were not enough, now its own deputy Fernanda Vallejos (Everyone’s Front) recognized it. That is called adjustment. They cut the COVID budget and removed the IFE,” he emphasized.

“Those who took the fight against Covid on their backs were health workers. I ask Vidal and Rodríguez Larreta to pass nurses to professional careers, and full rights for residents and attendees,” he demanded, claim that also received the adhesion of Santoro.

The Kirchnerist radical indicated that unlike the national government that bought respirators and intensive care beds, the City Government only bought chinstraps at a premium.

It was also asked if anyone remembers any social assistance policy in the midst of the pandemic on the part of the Buenos Aires government, and contrasted it with the IFE and the ATP that the national government launched during 2020.

Vidal answered that “it is very easy to help by giving the printing machine of the Central Bank”, and pointed out that “not everything is silver.”

Meanwhile, he highlighted the figure and performance during the pandemic of the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, for his management, and compared him with the minister of the national portfolio Ginés González García, “whom they had to throw out.”

“In the City Government we all wait our turn to get vaccinated. In the national government officials and militants were vaccinated before your grandfather or your father. In the national government we won 45 days of class for going to court to defend that your children be in the schools. The national government had a minister and a president who campaigned for the closure of schools, “the candidate of Together for Change reviewed.

Santoro recalled that since Juntos por el Cambio at the beginning of the pandemic “he stated that there was an infection”, and accused Milei of being a denier of science, to the point that “not even he was vaccinated”: “He poses a kind of flat Earth scientific”.

“Clearly the cave quarantine model that this government proposed was against property. So either you become a slave or you die,” replied the liberal economist.

“I do a risk analysis. And you know what? I am not a risk group. I did have my parents vaccinated because they are a risk group and if they got sick they would die,” he justified.

This is the first of the two stipulated debates, in which the fifth contender who overcame the STEP, Luis Zamora (Self-determination and Freedom) does not participate, who excluded himself voluntarily.

The candidates had first one minute each to introduce themselves, they developed views on three thematic axes, they were able to ask each other questions, and they had a limited time to answer, in addition to an exchange block and a free closing.

The order of the questions was determined according to the results of the STEP, and the order of the lecterns was resolved by lottery.

On the TN screen, with the support from the study platform of the Buenos Aires head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Vidal tried to revalidate the leadership in the votes he achieved in the PASO, with the aim of retaining the electoral flow of Ricardo López Murphy .

Milei, the great surprise of the PASO, tried to snatch a portion of that liberal vote to grow in voting intentions, after the almost 14 points it garnered in August.

Santoro, for his part, had the mission of succeeding in a debate that will have the national government as one of the favorite targets of his adversaries.

Bregman, meanwhile, sought to differentiate himself from the other options and consolidate himself as the first reference on the left, even trying to capture part of the progressive voter who voted for the ruling party but who is disenchanted by the direction of the Government and the progress of the administration . (NA)

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