Victory climate in the Perottista bunker of Central Córdoba, although they await the results

In the ruling party bunker, located in the Central Córdoba Club, there was already a climate of victory, although everything was handled with caution, while in Santa Fe Governor Omar Perotti, owner of the payroll and himself a candidate for alternate national senator, he was already in the Gray House.

The Minister of Tourism, Alejandro Grandinetti, together with the Minister of the Environment Erika Gonnet, spoke to the press in the Uruguayan bunker and said that the president was in Santa Fe and that for the moment he would not travel to Rosario.

Grandinetti assured that the message from the prosecutors was very good, but they would wait to advance the trend. Meanwhile, the arrival of the senatorial candidate Marcelo Lewandowski was the most anticipated by journalists. However, he spoke of caution and said that we must wait for the results and avoided high-sounding statements.

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