Víctor Del Río was appointed a new member of the Superior Court of Justice

The chamber judge in criminal matters Víctor del Río was appointed this Monday as a new member of the Superior Court of Justice of Chaco, replacing the late María Luisa Lucas.

It was in the third round of voting among the members of the Council of the Magistracy, with 6 votes in favor and one against.

The decision of the examining committee of the Council of the Magistracy and Jury of Prosecution marked the end of the public competition for opposition and antecedents in which eleven applicants participated in the final section.

The votes in favor of Del Río were from Gloria Zalazar (president); Emilia María Valle (vice president); María de las Mercedes Pereyra, Marcela González, Juan Manuel Pedrini and Ismael Barnes. While Carim Peche opted for Néstor Varela.

Now, the Council of the Magistracy will raise its proposal to the Executive Power who will proceed with its designation. Later, he will take the oath as a new member of the STJ on the day and time to be defined.

In order to reach this instance, the opposition and antecedents stages were overcome; as well as a historic public hearing in which 119 people participated. The entire process was broadcast live through the CMyJE YouTube channel to guarantee its widest dissemination.

Thus, the STJ will be made up of Rolando Toledo, Alberto Modi, Isabel Grillo, Emilio Valle and Victor Del Río.


Del Río is 57 years old, graduated as a lawyer in 1989 and has been working for 35 years in the Judicial Branch of Chaco. This was the third time that he participated in the contest to access the STJ, previously he had done so in 2014 and 2015.

He entered the provincial justice in 1986 as a clerk in the Investigative Court No. 4 of Resistencia, two years later he was promoted to senior clerk and, in 1990, he took a new step by swearing in as prosecutor of the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Resistencia. In 1991 he was appointed secretary of first instance in that same jurisdictional body. In 2002 he was sworn in as substitute fiscal agent No. 4. Two years later, in 2004, he was sworn in as a judge of the Second Chamber for Criminal Resistance, a position he held to date.

Among other things, he is: registered mediator, specialist in criminal law, diploma in conflict resolution, diploma in conflict resolution with an orientation in mediation and a doctorate in legal sciences. He also has extensive experience in teaching, exhibiting and intervening in numerous examining boards.

He collaborated in the books “Justice in change – Civil society, lawyers and judges. A new project for the administration of justice ”(2003) and“ History of the Public Mediation Center ”(2016); He is also the co-author of three others: “Trial by jury in the province of Chaco” (2019), “Oral trials in times of pandemic” (2020) and “Human Rights, Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Gender” (2020). He is academic co-director of the legal journal “Ámbito penal” together with Judge Zunilda Niremperger.

In 2002 he attended as a scholarship participant to the International Program of the Department of State of the Government of the United States of North America. So far he was the only judicial official invited from the Chaco.

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