Vicentin effect: the Stock Exchange renews its entire board of directors and Miguel Simioni takes over

Miguel Simioni will assume the presidency of the Rosario Stock Exchange

This Thursday Miguel Simioni will take over as the new president of the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR). He will take the place of Daniel Nasini, who carried out a term crossed by the consequences of the fall of Vicentin.

The complete renovation of the directory, exposes that the leadership of the entity demanded a change of air, or names. After two administrations as vice president and one as president, Nasini leaves the building in Córdoba and Corrientes.

With his departure, Alberto Padoan, his trusted man, will also take shape, who was involved in the Vicentin scandal as one of the most responsible and who until recently paraded through the corridors of the Criminal Justice Center.

Another of those who made the news in the judicial pages and who will no longer be part of the small table is Ángel Torti, a member of the Guardati Torti broker, dragged by Vicentin’s “financial stress”. Months later, his entire board of directors was indicted for fraudulent administration after an investigation.

A before and after

The fall of the agro-exporter was the break that made possible a renewal in the commercial entity. Simioni comes from the brokerage arena. He is vice president of the Rosario Runners Center and his arrival was agreed with the idea of ​​printing another logic to driving.

From the sector they consider it as a referent of consensus and he himself expressed his intention to carry out a “horizontal” management with the intention of making a multisectoral call.

In public statements he did not avoid references to economic and judicial events that affected the institution. In fact, he mentioned the “moral crisis” that the Rosario Stock Exchange is going through after scandalous episodes in which many of those who make up the board of directors were involved until today.

His appointment was not exactly a process of absolute consensus. For a few days, Simioni was on the verge of giving in to that possibility and moved out of the way in the face of conflicts to reach an agreement on the authorities.

With the participation of different entities close to the Stock Exchange, such as the Chamber of Oil Industries of the Argentine Republic (Ciara), the idea of ​​renewing the board of directors and ratifying Simioni was prioritized.

After a meeting with Nasini in mid-November, they sealed the agreement and made the passage of command official. This Thursday at 5:00 p.m., the next president will formally take office in the Manuel Belgrano Room, located on the first floor of the “Torre Building” (Paraguay 755, Rosario).

The complete list

President: Miguel Simioni

Vice President I °: Javier Gastaudo

2nd Vice-President: Pablo Bortolatto

Regular Members

Marcelo Quirici

Gerardo Calace

Ivanna Sandoval

Sebastián Bottallo

Tomás Rodríguez Ansaldi

The new management

In addition to working on the “moral” issues that he mentioned in dialogue with the Simioni press, he faces the challenge of reviewing the relationship that the BCR currently has with the national state.

During the current administration, the stock market entity did not precisely maintain a diplomatic relationship with the government of Alberto Fernández. Nasini himself was in charge of making it clear each time that he maintained a difference with respect to measures that affected agricultural and livestock interests.

It was the case of the 137th anniversary of the Stock Exchange, back in August, when he gave a speech in which he took the opportunity to express his differences regarding a series of measures adopted by the national Executive.

The axis of criticism was based on the restrictions on exports (of meat and soybeans) and the bidding of the Paraguay Paraná Waterway. On repeated occasions, he slipped that the State should not administer the trunk road.

He also expressed his opposition to the new biofuels law, promoted by a sector of the ruling party in Congress and which generated a wide debate in the province.

Nasini will leave the post after six years at the small table of the stock market entity without the possibility of re-electing his mandate. Two years that coincided with the collapse of Vicentin and its consequences in the commercial and financial sphere.

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