Vicente Fernández: TvNotas journalist assures that he has proof that the singer is brain dead

MEXICO CITY.- The journalist who assured that Vicente Fernandez you are brain dead and have ulcers all over your body, he claims that he has proof of what he posted on TvNotas, and supports his information.

In last Tuesday’s edition, the national magazine published the tragic news that Vicente Fernández was brain dead and there was nothing to do, which caused great controversy, especially with the singer’s family, who denied the news.

Vicente Fernández Jr., the eldest of the interpreter’s children, published on his Isntagram account that what the journalist Laura Palmer says is completely false and her father is not brain dead, and both the magazine and she will have to verify what was published .

“Good evening! It is very sad to see how news is invented, totally invented with the profit motive of my father’s public. The pseudojournalist signed by @laurapalmersirenita and the magazine @revistatvnotas you will have to prove the veracity of your report. IT IS DISGUSTING THAT THE PUBLIC IS FOOLED IN SUCH A WAY, “wrote the singer.

In his program “De Primera Mano”, Gustavo Adolfo Infante commented that se communicated with the journalist who wrote the note and assured her that she has all the evidence to verify what she said, and although it was not confirmed, it is imagined that said evidence could be a copy of the medical record.

Laura Palmer, through her social networks, supported herself, did not back down, and I spoke with her and said: ‘Laura, what’s up?’ He says: ‘Gustavo, I have all the evidence.’ That makes me think, she didn’t tell me, that she has a copy of the medical record or one of the doctors told her, ”Infante speculated.

Both Gustavo Adolfo Infante and his colleagues, They assured that Laura Palmer is a serious and respected journalist in the middle, and they are surprised that I published a news of such magnitude without having proof, so They gave him the benefit of the doubt.

But they also highlighted that the hospital where “El Charro de Huentitán” is being treated is of great prestige and could not risk issuing false information.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante spoke with the hospital staff where Vicente Fernández is

After speaking with Laura Palmer, Gustavo Adolfo Infante indicated that he communicated with the hospital staff where he has been hospitalized since last August, the interpreter of “Volver, Volver”, who assured that the singer does not have cerebral palsy.

I spoke to the doctors and they told me: ‘Gustavo, that’s not true.’ Last night (Monday) they told me: ‘That is not true’, and today (Tuesday) they told me: ‘That is not true, I will tell you. You have the right to handle here with us, that’s a lie, “he said.

The commentator of shows would have questioned the doctors who treat Don Vicente about why they do not come out to deny the information, and explained that the only ones who have the right to report on the interpreter’s health is his family.

“It doesn’t depend on us, it depends on the Fernández family. Gerardo is the one who is in charge of this matter, we will wait for Gerardo’s indications “, he pointed.

To this day, don Vicente Fernández has 64 days in intensive care, his health is deteriorating after he suffered a fall and was subsequently diagnosed with the Guillain Barre syndrome.

He had complications in his respiratory system and depends on a ventilator in addition to a tracheostomy, and according to the latest medical report published last Monday, the singer’s recovery is very slow, but he maintains contact with his family.

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