Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade: the proof that they were together and why they decided to hide it

They are two high-level stars. It is nothing more and nothing less than Veronica Castro and Yolanda andrade. Currently 68 and 49 years old respectively and there is no doubt that they are 2 of the most recognized actresses in Mexico.

For her part, although Cristian Castro’s mother has never come out to confirm it publicly, she always gave a lot to talk about in terms of her love relationships and more about her alleged hidden lesbian relationship with the host of “Montse & Joe.”

If even today, having passed the years, this relationship of Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade it keeps giving people talk is because it exists the proof that they were together and for something they decided to hide it.

It should be remembered that the famous they met in 2000. However, it was only in 2003 that they saw each other together when they were able to coexist in the “Big Brother VIP 2” program. Everybody the romance rumors that pointed to them emerged in 2005 when some photos of both in bikini leaked on a paradisiacal beach.

“SOURCE: Telemundo”

Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade: The evidence of the relationship

A few months ago, a person close to the 2 artists spoke with the Mexican magazine TVNotas and he told a little more about this hidden love relationship: “A beautiful friendship emerged between them that little by little became a beautiful relationship.”

For his part, Andrade also had the opportunity to speak openly about this relationship and he did so in 2019 on the program “First impact“Where he said:” We live many very important moments and it would be a shame if I began to explain and count moments because it is going to be worse for her. “

Even after this statement, it was recalled that the actress from Culiacán-at those times she was upset when Veronica Castro She had come out to deny it outright: “She said very disparagingly that she was not a lesbian. That was very ugly on her part, I think she did it with a lot of courage because she gave a very, I repeat the word, derogatory emphasis against the community, as if being a lesbian was a bad thing ”.

According to the source that spoke to TVNotas, the famous would have married when Yolanda was 31 and Verónica 50. Although this information about a “wedding” was never confirmed, Andrade somehow hinted at it in 2019:

“I have the truth. I have it in video, I have it in photos, I have it in my soul, I have it in my heart, I have it in my head. I am not a liar, I have not told any lie, none, nor am I going to tell it ”.

As long as i enter Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade there is proof that they were together and why they decided to hide it too, the source close to both concluded:
“They were seen as great friends who went to parties and meetings together, although they got to live together.”

Of course, from Veronica Castro He always kept the relationship a secret and never introduced her to Yolanda Andrade as his girlfriend. Did you know all this? We show you several of all those tests that came to light in recent times.

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