Vecchio wants to be there, but Kily González will prove it today


Vecchio reappeared with Boca, after two games absent.

Close to Old They never questioned his presence and some even dared to assure that 10 was going to play yes or yes, although for that to happen it may be necessary for them to infiltrate it. However, the idea is not to risk it and before the slightest doubt they will preserve it, taking into account that already the next game, against San LorenzoIt will be next Monday.

Yesterday what he did Kily was to dispense with Vecchio and in practice sent to the court to Covea. The Venezuelan did not start against Boca precisely because Vecchio returned in that game (after the tear he suffered in the classic), but former Deportivo Táchira had been his replacement in the two previous games.

This is the only question that was raised to the rogue coach too close to the game, since his idea was not to touch anything at all and play with the same eleven that came from losing to Boca. Old He wants to play and is willing to risk, but everything will depend on the answer that his ankle gives today.


Caraglio, among the concentrates

Among the 23 footballers who concentrated the Kily gonzalez figure Milton Caraglio, already recovered from a discomfort in the knee. The one who is not yet suitable for the first is Leandro Desábato. In addition to the headlines, the DT called Juan Pablo Romero, Nicolás Ferreyra, Ricardo Garay, Fernando Torrent, Julio Luques, Rafael Sangiovani, Francesco Lo Celso, Michael Covea, Gino Infantino, Alan Marinelli, Caraglio and Luca Martínez Dupuy.

The reserve won and is still on

Central He gave a new sample of the good moment that he is going through in reserve with the victory by 3 to 1 that he achieved yesterday morning against Banfield, to which he turned the result after going at a disadvantage. Franco Frías scored two of the many scoundrels, while the remainder was the work of Alejo Veliz. With this result, the team led by Adrian Dezotti it was located in the fifth position, with 18 points, behind Lanús and Estudiantes (22), Colón (21) and Gimnasia (19).


The kids of the reserve achieve a new triumph.

The kids of the reserve achieve a new triumph.

CARC press

Banfield took advantage at 30 ‘of the first half (Ignacio Rodríguez), but at 38’ the drill was left with one less due to the expulsion of Sebastián Gallardo. Already in the complement, Central took advantage of that man of more and thus came the goals of Chipi Frías (53 ‘and 55’) and Veliz (94 ‘)

Central formed with: Mauricio Maslovski; Ulises Ciccioli, Kevin Silva, Nicolás Meriano and Nahuel Franco (69 ‘Julián Jerkovic); Ramiro Peralta (69 ‘Facundo Buonanotte), Mateo Tanlongo (87’ Gonzalo Gómez), Leandro Iglesias and Lautaro Giaccone (79 ‘Luciano Martín Ferreyra); Frías (79 ‘Franco Oviedo) and Veliz. Substitutes: Valentino Quintero and Fernando Godoy.

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