Vanessa Claudio reappears and is compared to Lyn May; fans say he abused botox

Vanessa Claudio has returned to Tv Azteca after several years of her departure with a view to internationalizing her career. The driver is described as a renewed woman who has gained more experience and is also stronger than ever.

In the midst of a warm welcome, his new project was discussed on the Venga La Alegría program, as he arrives at the company where he began his career to join the Al Extremo program.

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Happy about that, Vanessa Claudio spoke of how happy it makes her to return to what she feels is her home and to the point of breaking down in tears, she commented that the project makes her very excited.

As expected, for this presentation, which means her return to Mexican television, Vanessa Claudio looked stunning in a black lycra dress that perfectly marked all her curves.

But when the Venga La Alegría Instagram account was notified of Vanessa Claudio’s return to television, the driver’s photographs caused controversy, as her fans, who were initially happy about her return, pointed out that her face also model had been transformed.

It was there that some began to mention that she surely abused botox and even compared her to Lyn May.

“The way her beautiful face is deformed, she’s looking like Lyn May,” user albadaliaponce.h said.

I already know all about botoxing !!!!, was another of the comments in the aforementioned account that raised the rumors around Vanessa Claudio.

“Her face looks super weird,” another user noted.

But before this, there was no lack of someone to defend her:

“How bad are your negative comments, live and let live, that you do not take anything away from someone returning to Azteca.”

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