From this Monday the vaccination for children over 6 years with specific comorbidities, which will last during September. From the Valparaíso Medical College They pointed out that the measure will protect this group that was exposed to contagions.

As of this September 13, minors with comorbidities from 6 to 11 years old will begin their inoculation process against covid-19. This after the Institute of Public Health approve the dose from the Sinovac laboratory.

The Ministry of Health of the Valparaíso region, Greorg Hubner, indicated that this measure adds to the successful vaccination process that has already reached 90% of its scheme in the territory.

The President of the Medical College of the Valparaíso region, Juan Ignacio de la Torre, He emphasized that this measure protects this group that was exposed to the risk of becoming infected.

In this way, the vaccine will strengthen your immune system, said De La Torre.

According to the mass vaccination schedule, children with specific comorbidities between the ages of 10 and 11 will be vaccinated on Monday, September 13; between 8 to 9 years old, on Tuesday the 14th; between 6 and 7 years old, on Wednesday, September 15; and between 6 to 11 years old, on Thursday 16.

It is worth mentioning that on Friday, September 17, the vaccination process will be interrupted, because it is a holiday.