Valheim: Update 0.205.5 from November 25, all the details – Valheim

While waiting for the next content update, which the developers are working on, we are entitled to some fixes, in order to improve the overall experience, by fixing a few bugs. A new set of armor has been added, however, just like a thing ” stirring In the swamps. The studio took the opportunity to provide some information on future content updates.

You can find the Valheim update 0.205.5 full patch notes below, which is far from the most important.

Valheim update 0.205.5

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue with the network when picking up stacked items.
  • Fixed music transition in some locations.
  • Fixed music volume in swamps.
  • Fixed some player animations.
  • Monsters wake up if they are hit by a ranged attack.
  • Fixed jumping animation.


  • Improvement to the Help command.

New arrivals

  • New armor set.
  • Something is stirring in the swamps.

We recall that Valheim is available in early access on PC. You can always follow the news of the game through our dedicated portal.

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