Use of face masks will be mandatory in Ecatepec; whoever does not use it will be arrested

ECATEPEC, Edomex.- The Ecatepec authorities reported that as of next Friday the inhabitants of the Mexican municipality will have to use the mask mandatory when they are in Public spaces such as markets, squares, public transport and the first square of the municipality, in addition, in case of not complying with this could be arrested unchangeably from two to eight hours, or else, fulfill five hours of community service.

This due to increase in Covid-19 infections that has been accelerated in recent weeks worldwide as a result of the Omicron variant.

For his part, the mayor of Ecatepec, Fernando Vilchis, added a third paragraph to article 164 of the ordinance, in which it allows the elements of the Ecatepec Public Safety and Traffic Directorate to exhort citizens to use the mask or to use it correctly.

Those people who do not comply with the injunction of the municipal security elements, will be entitled to a sanction consisting of the fulfillment of 5 hours of community work or a countless arrest of two and up to eight hours in the conciliatory offices of the municipality, for which said The modification also empowers the qualifying officers to apply this measure ”, it was established.

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Regulation will come into force on Friday, January 14

Such determination approved on Wednesday (yesterday) and published today in the Government Gazette, will come into effect tomorrow Friday, January 14 in Ecatepec.

Vilchis recognized that these types of measures may be unpopular, but seeks to take emergent actions to preserve the health and life of the ecatepences.

“Decisions like this are the most unpopular that we are going to make, they are not going to generate votes for them. These provisions go in two directions, the first decision to be taken is to preserve life and in a subsequent decision that we make in the council it will be to preserve the economy of the municipality, ”said the mayor.

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Similarly, the mayor mentioned that the phase 2 of the Ehécatl Plan to support and prevent the population during this new wave of coronavirus.

“Today (yesterday) we started phase 2 of the Ehécatl Plan, with which we executed at the most critical moment more than 30 executive provisions to support more than 1,600,000 Ecatepeans to face this pandemic, ranging from the delivery of food support to the loan and free refilling of oxygen tanks, “he said.

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