US series by Robert Rodriguez changes channels

Last change: Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 5.47 p.m.

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The female Zorro series format has found a potential home because Robert Rodriguez, Rebecca Rodriguez and their team were able to accommodate it at The CW. Previously, it was developed at NBC.

It could be that two Zorro formats will soon be vying for viewers. Because in addition to the Disney project by and with Vilmer Valderrama, Robert Rodriguez and Rebecca Rodriguez are also still working on a female Zorro. A few months ago the series project was still in development for NBC, but now it’s changing to The CW, like Deadline reports.

Sean Tretta (Mayans MC), Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens are also involved via Propagate. CBS Studios is the associated production studio of the possible series. Tretta is a new addition to the brother-sister team who would be writing and directing. Rebecca would take a seat in the director’s chair. In her composure, a young Latina wants to retaliate for her father’s death. She joins a secret society and becomes lawless Zorro.

Treta takes over the showrunner position, should the project actually go into series production. Robert and Rebecca Rodriguez are serving as executive producers, with support from Silverman, Owens and Rodney Ferrell from Propagate, and Geoff Clark and Eric Bromberg. John Gertz, the CEO and President of Zorro Productions. Inc also produces, as does Jay Weisleder.

A female Zorro has been developed since 2019. Sofia Vergara would also have been an executive producer on the NBC version. However, she is no longer on board. Robert Rodriguez should meanwhile one of the film “The Mask of Zorro“To stage with Antonio Banderas, but then left the project again. He is currently executive producer and director on The Book of Boba Fett for Disney + and has also edited episodes of The Mandalorian. He also produced the series From Dusk Till Dawn on his station El Rey. For Netflix he is working on an animation series about “Spy Kids“.

His sister Rebecca has edited episodes of Doom Patrol, Debris, Snowpiercer, and The Chi. In addition to Mayan’s MC, Tretta also has series such as 12 Monkeys and Hunters (by Syfy) on his vita.

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