US Embassy in Cuba asks for recommendations for topics to be discussed during 2022

The United States Embassy in Cuba He asked his Twitter users for recommendations on topics to discuss during 2022 on his social networks.

“Dear users, we would love to know what are the preferred topics that you would like to see published on our networks during the year 2022,” says a message that the Twitter account of the US diplomatic headquarters in Havana broadcast this Thursday.

They also warn that those who participate in this survey should use “appropriate language” in their comments and that then they will “publish the topics with the most requests.”

Until the moment of writing this note and two hours after the message was broadcast, the embassy’s tweet had already generated more than 150 comments, with dozens of recommendations to be addressed by the United States representation on the island.

One of the issues that is pointing out in this survey is the reopening of consular services in Havana, since at present they must be done in a third country and there are not few obstacles that Cubans face in going to their interviews to apply for their visas for the United States and other types of procedures.

Even at this moment the United States Embassy in Guyana, postponed some appointments for visa processing, due to the recent increase in COVID-19 infections there.

Guyana it one of the countries where residents of the island go the most because they do not require a visa to enter, in addition to having the United States consulate where only the immigrant visa can be processed.

“We would like to read more about why #ConsularServicesInCuba It works perfectly for the Cuban regime and its athletes, artists, ministers and even their families, when the embassy has said NO to our relatives for four years due to the danger of “sonic attacks”, points out one of the suggestions on the issue of consular services .

“Of course it will be the issue of visas and / or family reunification, either on the subject of an immediate reopening of the procedures in the Havana embassy or increasing personnel in the GEO embassy. Regarding the latter, only four visas have been issued for DV2022 in the last 4 months! ”, Comments another user on this topic.

“I do not think there is anything more important than to help again the legal immigration of the family of residents and American citizens,” says another Internet user.

“The main issue that should be addressed is that of Cuban family reunification, which we have been suffering and waiting for years, and the solution of the consular services at the United States embassy in Cuba,” another comment points out.

Other issues that have been highlighted are those related to the sending of remittances, the end of the embargo, aid to political prisoners, visibility of human rights violations on the island, providing opportunities to the private sector, dissemination on DD. HH., Sanctions against the repressors of the regime and against the government of Díaz-Canel, support for dissent, prohibition of visas for members and relatives of the PCC.

“We would like all donations from the USA to Cuba to be made public, the products that enter the island from the USA, the companies that operate from the USA and benefit the Cuban economy. As well as the products offered by Cuban online stores and we buy in the USA ”, another of the users of the network proposes as a topic.

They also propose that they talk about “selling vaccines accepted by the WHO to facilitate entry to other countries for Cubans,” among other issues related to legal migration, support for internal dissidence on the island, the freedom of political prisoners and measures to alleviate the shortcomings of ordinary people.

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