Urea in the skin cream: ÖKO-TEST tests urea lotions

The skin can dry out quickly, especially in winter. Then it is important to have the right body cream on hand. But not every product is good, as ÖKO-TEST finds out. We’ll show you which urea lotions are the best and which ones you should better steer clear of because of their critical ingredients. In the video, we show what is important when it comes to the right face cream.

In a current issue (12/2021), ÖKO-TEST tested a total of 20 urea lotions. These are body creams that contain urea. Sounds disgusting? But it is not, because: Whereas a few years ago horses were actually using real urea in urea lotions, today manufacturers rely on synthetic urea. Natural urea only has to be used in natural cosmetics.

The substance is also found not only in our urine, but also in the top layer of our skin. Urea can bind moisture in the upper layer of the skin, calm itching, has a flake-removing effect and is also very well tolerated. But not all creams keep their promises. We will show you which products it is better not to buy and present the results of ÖKO-TEST.

Urea lotions in the test: cheap test winners

Numerous inexpensive own brands can also be found among the test winners.
Numerous inexpensive own brands can also be found among the test winners.

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ÖKO-TEST examined a total of 20 creams with urea. These are conventional products, all of which are made with synthetic urea. Natural cosmetics are not represented in this test. Eleven cream cuts get the top grade “very good”, including the following price tips from supermarkets, discounters or drugstores:

  • Aveo Med Urea 15% 2 in 1 Nourishing Body Milk by Müller
    > to Müller
  • Balea Med 15% Urea Immediate Care Milk 2 in 1 of dm
    > to dm
  • Bevola body lotion urea 5% of Kaufland
  • Today body lotion urea 5% of Rewe and Penny
    > to Rewe
  • Pure & Basic Med body lotion with 10% urea from Net
  • Ombia Med Intensive Body Lotion 10% Urea from Aldi
  • Elkos Med Bodylotion Urea 10% off Edeka
    > to Amazon
  • Isana Med body milk 10% urea from Rossmann
    > to Rossmann

None of the creams mentioned cost more than 3 euros for 200 milliliters. The cheapest cream listed above is the Kaufland product for 0.98 euros per 200 ml. The lotions from Edeka and Aldi are still “most expensive” at 2.66 euros per 200 ml. Compared to the branded products in the test, these are still very cheap. The most expensive urea lotion in the test costs a proud 17 euros per 200 milliliters.

Critical Ingredients: Stay away from these creams

Four products fail the test. In the Body Urea Skin Smoothing Cream Milk 5% of Garnier the laboratory finds PEG as well as PEG derivatives and silicones. Overall, the lotion scores “poor”.

Three other creams even get only “insufficient” due to their critical ingredients. In the Eucerin Urea Repair Original 10% Urea Lotion from Beiersdorf PEG / PEG derivatives and paraffins can also be found – particularly disappointing for a pharmacy product.

Also in the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lait Urea 5+ Lotion contains these substances. Here the laboratory also finds organohalogen compounds that are considered to be potentially carcinogenic. The stated urea content of 5% also deviates too much from the measured content of 4.1%. There is also a deduction for this.

In the Mixa Urea Cica Repair 5% urea from L’Oreal the experts find critical substances: PEG / PEG derivatives, mineral oil as well as paraffins and silicones. Here, too, it hails grade 6.

You can read the detailed test with all the results for a fee at ÖKO-TEST.

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