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The Ministry of Social Development of the Nation through the Secretariat of Social Urban Intervention is carrying out urbanization works in 10 popular neighborhoods of General Pueyrredón, which implies a total investment higher than the 891 million pesos Y reaches 3407 families.

In addition, through the My Piece program, aimed at women from neighborhoods included in the National Registry of Popular Neighborhoods (ReNaBaP), some 896 beneficiaries from Mar del Plata received more than 212 million pesos to expand or renovate their homes.

These numbers are, in short, a sample of two of the axes of strategic public policies that the Ministry has been carrying out. On the one hand, the work in works that will allow to bring basic services to the more than 4000 popular neighborhoods in Argentina.

The Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Juan Zabaleta, stressed the importance of these public policies not only when thinking about integration but also at work.

Fernanda Miño, secretary of Socio-Urban Integration, expressed: “Throughout Argentina we are carrying out urbanization works, creating lots with services and housing improvements, three lines of work that we are consolidating thanks to the definition of allocating 15 % of the Contribution of the Great Fortunes to the integration of the ReNaBaP neighborhoods. A policy that seeks to solve the social and urban exclusion suffered by almost 5 million people in our country, so that in 20 years there will be no more first-rate neighborhoods and discarded neighborhoods ”.

With Mi Piece, a public policy that contributes to improving housing quality in popular neighborhoods, based on the contribution and initiative of the State, strengthening existing resources and counting on the participation of neighbors, the State seeks to end the conditions of overcrowding in which most of the people in these neighborhoods live.

According to the data that emerged from the analysis of the program registrations, more than 40 percent of the women who enroll say they live in a critically overcrowded situation, that is to say that three or more people live together per environment; while for 30 percent the overcrowding would be “moderate” since two to three people per room coexist.

It is also clear from these data that more than 10 percent suffered gender-based violence at some time and that around 20 percent are single-mother households. In addition, more than 13 percent are in charge of a family member with a disability.

“That families can live better, with dignity, is what moves us every day,” said Zabaleta, adding: “My Piece is a program so that families in popular neighborhoods can live better; so that we equalize in Argentina and that each kid and each girl have the same opportunities no matter where they are from ”.

A few days ago, Zabaleta and Miño were in the city to tour the works in the Las Heras neighborhood, which are equivalent to an investment of more than 145 million pesos, which directly impact the daily lives of more than a thousand families. In addition, 70 jobs were created for the 15 de Enero cooperative of the Excluded Workers Movement (MTE).

Urbanization Las heras 4

In one of the corners, a crew was making the cement mix to advance the 7 thousand square meters of sidewalks that are being built. “We came to visit them, but fundamentally, we came to guarantee the continuity of the work,” said the minister in dialogue with the workers and highlighted the “importance of the work of the cooperatives in the proximity to the neighborhood, which generates the possibility of living better: to have a street with asphalt so that an ambulance can enter, that boys and girls can go to school without getting muddy ”.

The tour was guided by Paco and Cintia, two referents of the cooperative who appreciated the presence of the minister and the public policies aimed at improving the territory and which in turn generate work. In this sense, Paco highlighted the importance for the neighbors of the urbanization works: “We put these garbage baskets that prevent garbage dumps from being generated on the sidewalks,” he said and highlighted the change of life that it meant for the entire neighborhood. the work of sidewalks and drinking water for the houses.

They also made an important stop at Daniela’s house, one of the 896 women from Mar del Plata who benefited from the Mi Piece program, which has already invested more than 212 million pesos, reaching 52 of the 57 popular neighborhoods in the city. Daniela found out about the program through an ANSES message and signed up with the illusion of being drawn to build a room for her son. “I was very happy when I found out that I was drawn because this changes my life a lot,” he said. The walls of the piece under construction materialize that dream.

Urbanization Las Heras 1

The works aim for the neighborhood to have a drinking water network, sewers and an electrical network. In all cases, home and intra-lot connections are being made. On the other hand, more than 1700 square meters of vehicular access ramps are being built. This will improve the accessibility of residents to the neighborhood, which will also have trees, grass on sidewalks and metal baskets for household waste.

Similar works are being carried out in the El Martillo, Parque Independencia, El Caribe, Nuevo Golf, Santa Rosa del Mar, Malvinas Argentina, Autodromo, San Jacinto and Parque Palermo neighborhoods.

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