Unvaccinated deprived of unemployment benefit: Christian Estrosi’s proposal is reacting

Confining the unvaccinated and removing them from social assistance such as unemployment benefit: this shock proposal was put on the table this week by the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi.

If this is inspired by international examples, it nevertheless provokes in our latitudes the indignation of a part of the French political class, but also in a certain fringe of the population which does not fail to recall its social rights.

“We should remind Mr. Estrosi that we are in a democracy and that in a democracy we cannot, by authoritarianism, or by desire” to piss off the unvaccinated “, as our president would say, to re-define them”, reacted to CNEWS Dienaya Diop, spokesperson for the Socialist Party.

Also requested by CNEWS, Nicolas Lacroix, president of the departmental council of Haute-Marne is not in favor of the abolition of aid to the unvaccinated either, even though he also pleads for compulsory vaccination.

The Quebec example in the background

“We have been teaching for several months now, we have to think about all those who need to have an operation and for whom we have to constantly postpone operations. Democracy is also that ”,” he argued.

The proposal to eliminate unemployment benefits for the unvaccinated is inspired by Quebec where the measure is about to be put on track by the authorities.

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