Unusually sharp criticism: Matarazzo sees three categories of players

The meager 0-0 in Fürth continues to have an effect. Before the game against Leipzig, Pellegrino Matarazzo is unusually harsh criticism of some of his players. Stuttgart’s coach pulls the reins.

Will react to the appearance in Fürth: VfB coach Pellegrino Matarazzo.

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The omens are not exactly optimistic. In the seven previous duels with Leipzig, Stuttgart only got one point and only scored one goal. In addition, VfB remained completely unsuccessful in the last five games against RB. A negative series that is only topped by Bayern in the Swabian balance sheet. So is it all pointless? Not at all, says Pellegrino Matarazzo before the meeting on Saturday (3.30 p.m., LIVE! At kicker). He still believes his team has a chance – but at the same time puts his finger deep in the wound of the tie in Fürth.

“There are sure to be games in which we are inferior when it comes to quality,” says the Stuttgart head coach, whose team has only scored five points against the teams from the top half of the table. That applies, for example, to an opponent like FC Bayern, “against whom the probability of winning is lower than against a table neighbor. But we have already shown against Dortmund that we are competitive.”

“You can’t accept their performance in our situation”

The game at BVB was lost 1: 2, but there was still satisfaction with the performance. After the 0-0 win in Fürth last Saturday, it’s the other way around. “We were all not happy with it,” said Matarazzo, who recognized three different categories of players on the pitch.

“One who understood what it was all about and demonstrated her performance.” Which applies to the hardworking Borna Sosa, for example.

“One who understood what it was about, but was not able to call up its performance.” Which addresses Sasa Kalajdzic or Chris Führich, who obviously have to nibble on longer downtimes.

“And one whose performance one cannot accept in our situation.” Matarazzo does not want to make their names public.

Three jokers were offered in Fürth

He did not have this assessment exclusively, according to the 44-year-old: The deficiencies were also clearly addressed from within the team. What consequences the head coach is likely to draw from this is clear: bench or grandstand for those who obviously misjudge the now acute situation. Alternatives are given. “I sense a different attitude in training from the players who weren’t on board recently,” says Matarazzo, who should probably give one or the other of this row a chance.

The substitutes from Fürth in particular have offered themselves: Ömer Beyaz, Alexis Tibidi and Lilian Egloff. “All three did well, even if Lilian only played briefly,” says Matarazzo. “Ömer immediately influenced the game, Alexis prepared a scoring opportunity. They were intense and energetic and qualified for more playing time. I liked that a lot.”

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