Unusual: Alberto Fernández ended Sunday having dinner with friends and talking about football

Alberto He still does not react, on the contrary, we do not understand what is wrong with him, but it is as if he did not understand what happened on Sunday and what is coming “, says a high official source to MDZ, without hiding their degree of concern about the political crisis that was generated after the result of the PASO. The passivity of the president Alberto Fernandez generates alarm in the Front of All due to the negative prospects for the general elections in November and the future of governance in the second stage of his administration.

The versions and anecdotes about the intimacy of the presidential environment in recent times generate enormous concern in the Front of All. And the reaction of head of state and his friends after the catastrophe on Sunday caused much concern. After having given entity to the exit of Roberto Bacman who predicted a victory to Victoria Tolosa Paz of 43.1% on the sum of that obtained by Diego Santilli and Facundo Manes with 36.3%, he decided to take charge of the defeat and show his face.

“But he had already contaminated us all with that trout and made him go to Cristina to the bunker by selling what we had won, “says a government spokesman.

“The most pathetic of all is that Fernandez he is still obsessed with trusting only his friends from the closed circle of Olivos, so much so that after assuming the defeat he went to dinner with that group at La Quinta and they did not even analyze the reasons for the electoral tsunami “, one trusts off the record. source of Pink House.

According to what he was able to rebuild MDZ, Alberto He shared the post-defeat dinner with the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello, one of the most questioned officials within the ruling party due to his low political level and his task as “clerk”. For many it is the Ramón Hernández of the current President. There was also his number two, Miguel Cuberos, a theatrical producer whose virtue is being Carolina Papaleo’s partner and having a good schedule of people from the entertainment world, especially with actresses and models, according to albertismo.

During the dinner shared by the President No politics were discussed with his friends, the topics of conversation went exclusively through the analysis of the reality of football, another of the weaknesses of Alberto. “The denial or shock was so strong that it seemed that Fernandez I just wanted to abstract from reality, it was really worthy of a Fellini film ”, adds one of those present. Soccer validity prevailed in the midst of the worst Peronist defeat in years. Almost Kafkaesque.

The antecedents of the presidential confinement led by friends who have no political experience cast doubt on the reactionary capacity of the president. head of state. “It has dangerously entered a process of delaruization from which it is very difficult to return,” says a GBA mayor. And he adds: “beyond some cosmetic ad feints and show it dynamic AlbertoThat smells like a liquidated game ”.

Now all eyes point to Cristina, Maximum and Sergio Massa, although they do not fall for many ideas to reverse the result and limit the influence of the President. “It seems a bit late to do in less than two months what has not been implemented in more than years,” says a leader of Buenos Aires Peronism with long experience in crisis.

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