University teachers closed a total annual parity improvement of 47%

The Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, and the six unions that make up the Frente Gremial Universitario (FGU) agreed today jointly a total annual salary increase of 47 percent, which adds to the 35 percent already agreed in May another 12 percent in three sections, confirmed union sources and the educational portfolio.

The Education authorities indicated this afternoon in a statement that the agreement was reached “unanimously” and that it also included non-teachers nucleated in the Argentine Federation of National University Workers (Fatun), the agency reported. Telam.

Trotta led a new round of the peer review together with the secretary of University Policies, Jaime Perczyk, in which the union representatives of Conadu, Conadu Histórica, Fedun, Fagdut, UDA and Ctera also participated.

A document from the educational portfolio stated that “unanimously” it was resolved to incorporate into the joint agreement agreed last May a 12 percent increase over March salaries and in three tranches (6% in September; 2% in October and 4% in January 2022), which totaled 47 percent.

In addition, university teachers will continue to receive the connectivity bonus until next March, which went from 1,000 to 2,000 pesos as of October.

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