Universal Salary: what is it and for whom would the new IFE be

There is a part of the government that lives in another country. There is a defensive posture that we did the IFE and the ATP, but for brother, that was already, “remarked Juan Grabois, who added that” there was an abandonment of the kids and the kids of education. “

“Those of us who have kids in public school have a hard time. People who had to go to work and had no one to take care of the kids, the WhatsApp that didn’t work, the lack of a clear strategy … The kids didn’t learn nothing, “he remarked, bluntly condemning the work of the national government during the months of the pandemic.

The leader asked for a change after the PASO, mainly in economic matters: “The Government that had a tight economic policy in a moment of social difficulty “, he expressed; and he analyzed:”We have the lowest salary in Latin America. What do you expect from that? That they applaud you? “

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Juan Grabois demanded an “urgent change” in the Government’s economic policy and the implementation of the Universal Salary for informal workers

“I think there are three things to change: the first is implement the Universal Salary, that it functions as a kind of IFE sustained over time and that it is for all the people who have an income below the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary; solve the tax burden of SMEs, and the third, reverse the literacy process that has worsened greatly in recent years and worsened by the pandemic, “said Grabois in dialogue with AM 530.

Behind the overwhelming result of Elections 2021 and this strong release of one of the most important social references in the country, It is expected that the economic Cabinet of Alberto Fernández will give news in the coming weeks to give a steering wheel for the legislative elections November 14.

What is the Universal Salary

The Universal Basic Income stipulates the payment of a monthly amount by the ANSES for people who do not have an income higher than the minimum wage, vital and mobile, which at the end of September will be renegotiated and today it barely exceeds $ 29,000.

Those people between 18 and 65 years old with informal work or unemployed would receive the ANSES Universal Salary. People who work as domestic workers, whether registered or not, would remain within the project.

Claudio Lozano, head of Banco Nación and author of the Universal Basic Income project, said that it would be formed with the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and the Universal Basic Income (IBU), constituting a “food floor so that no household is under from the homeless line. “

Requirements in My ANSES

Although it is not known whether the Government is in a position to implement such a project, given the imminent arrival of this or any benefit from ANSES or the Ministry of Social Development, it is necessary for those interested to maintain updated the data in My ANSES referring to the burden of children, their marital status, patrimonial situation, address and email.

If the current information is not correct, changes can be made through the Virtual Attention.

The IFE 4 that did not arrive

The Emergency Family Income, along with the ATP, was the most popular measure of the national government during the first year of the pandemic. It consisted of a $ 10,000 bonus paid by ANSES to informal workers, monotributistas A and B, domestic employees and beneficiaries of AUH, older than 18 years.

The assistance program estimated to subsidize with $ 10,000 one time only about 3 million people in that situation but the inscription revealed an Argentine reality that made the beneficiaries end up being 9 million.

That bonus was eventually awarded three times in the year, roughly once every two months. At the end of 2020, when the payment of an IFE 4 was expected, the national government decided not to budget for it for 2021 and to give more force to programs related to the production of employment, such as the Empower Work, and food assistance such as the Alimentar Card . In addition, registration for the Progresar Scholarships for people over 18 years of age to complete their studies was reopened.

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