Unión de Arroyo and Central won, while Provin, Talleres and Garibaldi won at the local team

The 95th Anniversary Cup of the Rosarina Association already has two new teams classified for the next round: Unión de Arroyo Seco and Rosario Central.

Union won this Monday on the Saladillo court against his classic rival Talleres and, in addition to giving his people enormous joy, he managed to advance. Now he will wait for the second turn key between Red Star de San Lorenzo and Unión y Progreso to be resolved to meet his adversary.

It was an extremely even duel, but Luciano Martín’s men were able to open it with a good last quarter and manage to close it in their favor. Davis did 22 in Talleres and Soler 16 in Panza.

Meanwhile, Central beat Maciel on the Sportivo Federal court on Monday night by 79 to 51 and his rival in the next stage will be El Tala.


WORKSHOPS 65: Sosa 0, Davis 22, Lattini 2, Ártico 10, Divecchio 0, González 19, Febre 0, Choternasty 12. DT: Marcelo Gallegos.

UNION 68: Soler 16, Cannata 8, Mansur 14, López 11, Mengarelli 6, Isola 12, Ludolini 1. DT: Luciano Martín.

STADIUM: Saladillo

REFEREES: Valente and Jerez

PARTIAL: 15/15, 32/35 and 52/48


MACIEL 51: Zanotti 10, Abalos 3, Raffin 16, Balistreli 3, Llompart 12, Zamarini 0, Allione 0, Stradella 4, Aragone 3. DT: Bertoqui.

CENTRAL 79: Montaldi 0, Giangioble 0, Pochetino 34, Galán 1, Velo 2, Badia 6, Gandoy 16, Molina 6, Ianelli 12, Cuesta 2, Mignola 0, Sarmiento 0. DT: Nicolás Funes

STADIUM: Federal

REFEREES: Olivera and Timpanaro

PARTIAL: 15/21, 33/42 and 47/64

What comes in the Cup

For the 16th, the Cyclone clash against Puerto San Martín was left on the Nautical field, while the crosses that remained after the first round of eliminatory duels indicate that Sportivo Federal will have to face Echesortu, who enters this second stage, meanwhile They also classified Red Star (it will collide with Unión and Progreso), Paganini Alumni (if America does not appear, it will be Calzada’s rival), Libertad (expected rival) and Independiente de Ricardone (will collide with Atalaya).

Universitario also passed, which will be measured with Temperley, while Newell’s will play against Sportsmen and the winner will face Caova.

Atlantic Sportsmen will be Timbúes’ rival in the next round, San Telmo de Funes will collide with Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda and Atlético Fisherton will face Gimnasia. Regatas awaits the winner of this duel.

Provincial is still perfect in the first A

Meanwhile, on Monday there was also action from local tournaments and for the first A Provincial he remained undefeated and reached the ninth victory in a row after beating Libertad by 70 to 52 as a visitor with 18 points from Gastón Pérez. Red is already classified to seek promotion in the final home run.

For its part, Talleres de Villa Gobernador Gálvez beat Sportivo Federal 85-79 in a duel that began at the beginning of the closing quarter. Lucas Boselli made 19 on the T and Franco Giorgio 29 on the visit.

This Tuesday they will play Alumni de Casilda against Gimnasia, which is going through the passage to the final quadrangular, while Puerto San Martín will also be measured with Regatas.

Meanwhile, in B, on Monday Garibaldi of Fray Luis Beltrán won as a visitor to Paganini Alumni of Granadero Baigorria by 57 to 51.


VGG 85 WORKSHOPS: Marveggio 0, Donelli 17, Escobar 8, Gavio 13, Cuevas 12, Boselli 19, Giacomini 16, Muñoz 0. DT: Claudio González.

SPORTY FEDERAL 79: Villavicencio 7, Giorgio 29, Correa 0, Barchiessi 8, Alonso 0, Cacciavillani 19, González 9, Escobar 4, Maldonado 3, Isaguirre 0, Borsato 0. DT Gustavo Franchi.

STADIUM: Matías Dinsmann

REFEREES: Zucchio and Suárez

PARTIAL: 22/17, 44/34 and 58/60


FREEDOM 52: Cardoso 3, Gerstner 4, Giménez, Oggero 6, Martínez 2, Fernández 0, Campaña, Idbetan, Campa 19, De Frutos 10, Pacini 2, Román 6. DT: Guillermo Pio All.

PROVINCIAL 70: Mariani 9, Hidalgo 15, Pérez 18, Gómez 0, Scarpeccio 8, L. Bloch 5, Parnisari 7, Gubero 0, Poratti 6, Stra 0, J. Bloch 2, Bustamante 0. DT: Lucas Vanzini.

STADIUM: Freedom

REFEREES: García and Colman

PARTIAL: 12/15, 20/34 and 32/48


PAGANINI ALUMNI 51: Aregistain 3, Fernández 6, Pizzonia 7, Pedemonte 1, Gómez 13, Valentini 0, Cesaretti 0, Ruiz 16; Sosa 5, Ramos 0. DT: Pizzonia P.

GARIBALDI 57: Berone 4, Brizuela 6, Denis 8, Pellegrino 0, Sitjar 3, Malisani 0, Vicente 18, Loaiso 6, Gonzalez 0, Armida 12. DT: Orazi Duilio

STADIUM: Paganini

REFEREES: Turrín and Ojeda

PARTIAL: 12/13, 25/40 and 40/38

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