Unicorn Hunters: Steve Wozniak Still Looking For The Next Apple

Steve Wozniak is looking for companies that have the potential to become the next Apple.

It does this through the business program Unicorn Hunters currently looking for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who want to access capital to boost their businesses.

The selected companies will be able to present their ideas and raise funds from Wozniak, one of Apple’s founders, and the rest of the Circle of Money, which includes former US Treasurer Rosie Ríos and actor and investor Chris Diamantopoulos.

Unicorn Hunters

This application process will be open until March 3 of this year and the following season will begin to be produced in the middle of this year.

So far, ten companies have been presented in Unicorn Hunters adding an audience of more than 15 million viewers worldwide. Meanwhile, more than $ 100 million in investment requests have been received.

This week a new episode premiered showing Vastmindz, a company powered by artificial intelligence. The chapter can be seen in the YouTube channel from Unicorn Hunters.

“Our mission is to empower anyone by giving them the ability to understand their physiology in a very accessible and affordable way,” explains Nikhil Sehgal, CEO of Vastmindz.

Is it possible to deliver a compelling pitch in less than 60 seconds?@vastmindz founder and CEO proves that the answer is: 100% YES

Watch Nikhil Sehgal take the stage and pitch the Circle of Money:https://t.co/DieWp81grm#UnicornHuntersShow pic.twitter.com/M8olICc5zd

— The Unicorn Hunters Show (@_unicornhunters) January 13, 2022

“We have leveraged decades of scientific experience to offer a single software solution that is compatible with multiple hardware devices and has the ability to extract important information about a person’s health and well-being in seconds.”

All chapters of Unicorn Hunters They are also available on LinkedIn, Vimeo, Facebook Video, and the business program website.

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