Unexpected: no interested in building La Casa de la Provincia in Bahía Blanca

By Mario Minervino / [email protected]

“We proceed to record that no proposals have been submitted in the tender and that it is declared void.”

So reads the act of opening of proposals drawn up last Tuesday in the call for the construction of the House of the Province in our city, a property that will be located on land owned by the national state, on Sixto Laspiur street, at the height of Patricios.

Now a waiting period is open for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services of the province to establish a new call.

The situation is still somewhat unexpected, considering that it is an attractive proposal on paper: a building of 1072 square meters, of traditional construction, with an official budget of 230 million pesos and a construction period of 540 days .

“We do not have an explanation for the lack of interested parties. The work is published in the media and on social networks, the specifications are accessible to all interested parties and at no cost. We cannot know why there were no companies, we cannot test it, “they said from the communications area of ​​the Buenos Aires Ministry of Infrastructure.

In the last two weeks, similar works were tendered in the municipalities of Lobería, Morón, General Alvear, Tornquist, Azul and Puán, among others, in all cases with the participation of at least two companies and in some cases, such as Azul, even with six bidders. Also with the particularity that out of 19 offers received in the aforementioned districts, only one exceeded the official budget, which allows us to assume that it is adjusted to market values.


It is not simple to establish why there were no interested parties in the work of Bahía Blanca. And even more so because no company based in the city showed up. It is important to clarify that local firms that meet the requirements to participate in this type of tender are counted on the fingers of one hand, in case they are registered in the registry of bidders in the province and have their technical financial capacity updated, both conditions to access them.

Companies with capacity and registered mainly specialize in infrastructure and road works, but not in architecture, which is the item required in this case.

Other companies have work in progress and the decision to take a provincial public work has its flats.

“In general, payments are delayed, there is a lot of bureaucracy with the certificates and in a work of 230 million that can be very harmful,” said one of the businessmen consulted.

He also highlighted the aforementioned fact that the companies authorized to participate in these types of tenders are more dedicated to road works rather than architecture.

Two other firms in the field directly stated that they were not interested in listing the work.

If this position is maintained then, it will be necessary to hope that on a new bidding date, foreign firms will be interested in submitting their offers.

The work

The Bahia Blanca province house is part of an ambitious plan by the current Buenos Aires administration to build buildings in the 135 municipalities, destined to attend to provincial procedures, in a kind of bureaucratic decentralization.

In the case of our city, it is a three-story building with 1,072 square meters of covered area, with an official budget of $ 230,462,510.45.

It is a building with a concrete structure, masonry and complete and varied furniture equipment (31 desks, 12 tables, 142 chairs, 80 storage units, 4 40 ”TVs, refrigerators, among others).

There will also be an exterior treatment, creating a green area on the side of the building, with playgrounds, benches, bicycle racks, baskets and the placement of seven trees (four poplars and three willows). It will also have vehicular parking.

“The House of the Province has the purpose of concentrating all the dependencies in the same place, generating a greater optimization of resources, the improvement in the attention and the access to procedures that until now require the transfer to the Buenos Aires capital”. explained from the government.

In these buildings will be concentrated delegations of agencies such as the Provincial Registry of People, the Social Security Institute, IOMA, ARBA, Patronage of Released, Ministry of Labor, Education and Women, among others.

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