As intolerable, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, María José Gómez, described criminal gangs trying to intimidate the authorities, referring to the theft and threats suffered by a Tirúa councilor, Bío Bío region.

Still shocked by what was experienced is the mayor Yasmín Vásquez, who was at work with two teachers from the commune, when they were intercepted by armed individuals who stole their truck in the Los Maquis sector of that area.

According to his account, the hooded men warned him that They would go in search of all the workers in the municipality and even shot them.

Visiting Concepción, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, María José Gómez, indicated that what happened with this communal authority was unacceptable and announced that police action in the area could be strengthened.

Given the degree of violence that is repeated in the area and the warnings that the mayor of Tirúa received, the president of the Regional Association of Municipalities, the mayor of Concepción Álvaro Ortiz, said that they are available to mediate in a dialogue that puts an end to these facts.

Despite the seriousness of what happened to the councilor and the threats that the hooded men made to other municipal officials, the mayor of Tirúa José Linco did not comment on the matter.

Neither did the former communal chief Adolfo Millabur, current constituent, who argued that he did not want to leave what corresponds to his current role in the Constitutional Convention.