Uncaus launched the Diploma in Cultural Project Management

Authorities from the National University of Chaco Austral, the Ministry of Education of the Nation and the Institute of Culture of the province of Chaco carried out the launch of the Diploma in Management of Cultural Projects.

The training is coordinated with 30 municipalities in the NEA and NOA region to give a boost to the culture of northern Argentina.

The launch was in charge of the rector of the university, Germán Oestmann, together with the secretary of Cooperation and Public Services, Néstor Dudik; the director of Cultura Uncaus, Oscar Mujica; the audiovisual coordinator, Martin Araujo, and the accountant Pamela Consesa, lecturer on popular economics.

The Diploma has more than 900 registered for the 80 places that this training gives rise to, which is very important for all participants of the cultural heritage.

The rector Germán Oestmann assured that “all the commitment and effort will be made from the university to continue managing training opportunities of this nature for all participants in the cultural field of the region.”

Through teleconference, Juan Aranovich and Johana Sporn were present from Buenos Aires on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation; also the president of the Institute of Culture of the Chaco, Francisco Romero, and more than 30 mayors of the region.

Uncaus continues to work hard for the community and to be the engine of tools that provide opportunities for everyone.

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