Without Viana, Alarcón and Medel: This is how Santiago Wanderers would form with the restructuring of the campus

Santiago Wanderers is experiencing a process of changes as a result of the bad season they are having in the National Championship, where giving young players more opportunities is the cornerstone of this restructuring.

In that sense, Reinaldo Sánchez, maximum shareholder of the “Dean”, nominated the young Bayron Martínez as the starting goalkeeper for the remainder of the season, while Mauricio Viana would be relegated to the bank. Nevertheless, there is also the possibility that Christian Fuentes is located under the three suits.

The pair of centrals would be made up of Daniel González and Víctor Espinoza, while on the right band it would be located Luis Garcia and on the left I would Felipe Alvarado.

On the other hand, the steering wheel area will be composed of three midfielders, where Martín Villarroel and Matías Marín will be in charge of supporting the defense. While, Damien Arce will be closer to the forwards.

González will command the defense of the “Caturros”

Finally, the attack line will be made up of Sebastián Ubilla, Ronnie Fernández and Paolo Gajardo, although the latter will have to compete with Aldrix Jara and William Range to accompany the other two references.

In this way, the possible starting eleven of Emiliano Astorga for the remainder of the season would be with: Bayron Martinez (or Christian Fuentes); Luis García, Daniel González, Víctor Espinoza, Felipe Alvarado; Martín Villarroel, Matías Marín, Damián Arce; Sebastián Ubilla, Ronnie Fernández and Paolo Gajardo (Aldrix Jara o Willian Gama).

Santiago Wanderers’ next match will be against Unión La Calera on date 20 of the National Championship, duel scheduled for Wednesday, September 8 at 3:30 p.m. and will take place at the Nicolás Chahuán stadium.

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