With an iron, a mother hit her son in Boat

The woman was arrested thanks to the intervention of the neighbors who called the police when they saw the savage beating of the 5-year-old child. ANDThe boy was examined by legal doctors and they determined serious injuries.

The dramatic event occurred yesterday in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of the town of Embarcación. The 5-year-old boy ran out of his house naked and from behind the “mother” who reached him and began to beat him excessively in front of neighbors, who was outside a picnic area.

The woman puts him in the house to continue punishing him with an iron, As reported UVC Channel 10 .

The neighbors called the police, who immediately appeared at the scene with a search warrant authorized by Judge Susana Menéndez. The troops manage to remove the minor and order the arrest of the mother who would be pregnant, she was transferred to Tartagal.

The minor was left in the company of his aunt, female police personnel transferred him to Oran to be examined by the CIF legal doctor, determining minor and considerable injuries caused by excessive blows all over the body.

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