With a broader call and that looks at the neighborhoods they relaunched "I give you a song"

In fact, for the secretary who this Monday launched the call together with the mayor Pablo Javkin and the secretary of Culture, Dante Taparelli, “It stops having the contest format so much to have more of a program format.”

And for Caminotti the explicitness in the bases of the participation of all the people who perceive themselves as women is not a minor thing, since although there were no obstacles, neither the opening was explicit and for the official that “left out” many music of the city.

Already in the results, another of the fundamental modifications is that there will not be a winner and two mentions as has been happening, but that 18 proposals will be selected and not only will they be singers. “The idea is to open the space to singers, but also to instrumentalists or women who lead bands, even if they are not only women”, said the official.

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Mayor Javkin together with those responsible for Gender and Culture presented the changes for the 2021 edition.

Virginia Benedetto

Territorial scenarios

The idea of ​​the municipality is no longer to bet on a single event to show the music and the selected artists, but to bring that music and those artists to the entire city in a process that – if the Covid pandemic allows it – will take Going forward in October and November this year.

“The idea with 18 selected is to do six shows, one in each district of Rosario, where three of them will participate in each one to bring cultural proposals to different parts of the city and also bring the artists to different scenarios and not only the Municipal Amphitheater, “explained the secretary of genre.

Of course, March 8 will continue to be a key date for the now renowned “I give you a song, a door opens” and that, one of the main scenarios, will remain in the proposal, but it will be the point of arrival of “a previous tour,” he added.


A final leg will be added to this selection process, shows and visibility of the work of women musicians, which is the exchange of experiences and meeting spaces where new work tools can be built.

“The idea in that sense – indicated the official – is to generate talks, workshops, training instances with the 18 participants and even with those who went through previous competitions to put experiences in dialogue and be able to work on the different ways and possible tools to to be able to access the public and to be able, above all, to sustain a career where they have the opportunity to show what they are doing “.

For Caminotti, the 2021 edition will be superior, but above all it will seek “to be a broad call and a contribution to a post-pandemic scenario, what is clear is that we must territorially rebuild tissues and links, links, employment alternatives and income for many, in in this case the artists, and at the same time bring to the whole city a bit of joy and meeting spaces and for that, art is fundamental “.

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