What happens here: the first photo together with Ángela Leiva and Esteban Lamothe after work

Angela Leiva let The academy , since it was very difficult and exhausting to keep it together with the filming of the new novel by Polka. The 1-5 / 18 will air soon and there the singer has among other colleagues Esteban Lamothe, with whom rumors of a relationship are already rising.

In this fiction Lamothe personifies a priest of a village and the singer has the role of Gina “A brave girl, empowered by her past”, the scriptwriters of the fiction explain. Apparently in the strip the characters have frictions that do not stay out of real life

The actress, for her part, added data to the existing rumors by posting a series of images on her Instagram where the actor and the singer are seen glued, complicit and funny. The post indicates: “The priest and Gina are eager for you to know their stories “.

Regarding the supposed romance, the singer indicated: “We have a very good vibe because we are classmates and we record the novel for eight hours a day. But the truth is that Lamothe is a dulce de leche, he is a love and a very good companion. My heart is now going through a separation and single and unhurried. At the moment, I am not thinking about love. “

Remember that Angela Leiva had a fleeting affair with Fran Caivano on The academy, and apparently when ending his time at the contest, also his relationship with the producer. The singer had anticipated a few days ago that their relationship had no future.

A few days ago in The Academy Preview, the singer was forceful when talking about it: “I am very complicated. I am very independent, I was a girlfriend for many years, I have only recently been single, so it kind of gets here, we see “he declared with total seriousness.

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