What did China Suárez say about the rumors that link her to Wos?

After the breakup of the China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña couple was confirmed, rumors began about the possible causes of the separation, among which was, of course, the possibility that there may have been third parties in disagreement.

The entertainment journalist, Marcelo Polino, revealed on his radio program the conversation he had with the actress, who confessed that he did not know that the father of his children was going to publish a statement announcing the separation. “China did not know that he was going to post, he found out with the publication,” said Polino.

Next, he consulted Suárez about his relationship with the Argentine trap singer, Wos, but the actress flatly denied the version: “We are at peace, there were no third parties in disagreement. They are inventing a lot of things. Nothing happened, we are still family ”.

In that sense, the journalist explained: “She made the decision to separate. There was nothing punctual, they came with a tug of war due to the pandemic,” said the host of Polino Authentic.

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