& quot; What better legacy than friendship & quot;: Amaro Gómez-Pablos dedicated a special message to Sergio Lagos on the eve of his departure from & quot; Welcome & quot;

Amaro Gomez-Pablos he dedicated a special message to Sergio Lagos, who is only one day away from leaving the leadership of “Welcome” to assume that of “Here We Are All“with Angélica Castro.

“Hey, tomorrow is your last day, Sergio“, were the last words that Tonka Tomicic said at the close of” Welcome “this Monday, anticipating to the viewers the farewell of the journalist of the morning.

Sergio Lagos, after the broadcast of the program, shared a series of videos and photographs with his driving colleagues on Instagram to begin saying goodbye to them and to the space that welcomed him in recent months.

I am very impressed with the great guy I found in you. Just one thing: from tomorrow we are no longer colleagues but friends“Sergio Lagos told Amaro Gómez-Pablos in said post.

The Spanish-Chilean journalist did not hesitate to return the message and in his Instagram stories he answered his praise. “My dear friend, Sergio Lagos. What better legacy than friendship after this foray into ‘Welcome’“, wrote.

Look at the exchange of messages from Amaro Gómez-Pablos and Sergio Lagos for their departure from “Welcome”

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