Weekly data on the situation of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers

In the Corrientes-Paraguayan section of Paraná, the rains that have fallen are worth sustaining the contribution to the reservoir. The incoming flow at the same average 7,260 cubic meters per second (9% more), today in gradual decrease. The discharge registered a slight rebound to 7,300 cubic meters per second on August 29.

At the confluence of the Paraná-Paraguay rivers, the alert continues due to extreme downspouts, the weekly averages were 0.30 meters in Corrientes and 0.36 meters in Barranqueras, that is, 1.57 meters below the respective levels in the same week of 2020.

They are expected to resume the downward trend starting next weekend. In August, the expected monthly averages would be 0.25 meters and 0.32 meters, respectively. They are of the order of 3.00 meters below normal, considering the last 25 years as a reference.

The flow that entered the section was estimated on August 29 at 8,200 cubic meters per second. In Goya the level would average 0.68 meters in August (2.78 meters below normal).

On the ICAA website www.icaa.gov.ar, Hydrometeorology Alert INA Scenarios section, access to information on the three reference scenarios prepared by the INA is available to monitor the evolution of the downspout. It is not a question of forecasts, but of possible benchmark evolutions in support of the multiple decisions that are made to face the situation and that require significant advance notice.

In the middle basin of the Uruguay River, an important pluvial event produced accumulated rainfall that occasionally reached 90 millimeters. The contribution en route to the middle section of the river recovers to approximately 1,500 cubic meters per second estimated on August 29. With the current weather outlook, a slight downward trend is expected to prevail.

The levels in the section are still in midwater, near the low water limit. In Paso de los Libres the average flow was 1,310 cubic meters per second (20% less). It would decrease slightly in the next week. The climatic trend indicates a predominance of lower than normal to normal rains in the quarter to November 30 over the middle basin. Attention will be kept especially on short-term events.

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