“We had a 21-hour date”: Camila Nash revealed how she found love on Tinder

La exchica reality, Camila Nash, commented through an interview for LUN that a friend encouraged her to download the dating app, Tinder, an act that changed his love life.

“I was ashamed. I didn’t know anything, but I went inside. I did not know how to use the application well. I did a lot of Match“Nash began counting, hinting at matching another person in the app.

Under this scenario, the former participant of Opposite worlds, who is currently living in Viña del Mar, specified that “I liked Rodrigo, and he had already liked me and it came out “They made a match”. There I saw that he had sent me a message that said ‘marry me’. I sent him a girlfriend smiley and we started talking. “

Camila revealed that her love story has been intense and that she is currently deeply in love. “We had a 21 hour appointment. We fought all weekend together and the next Sunday, July 25, we started to pole. I feel super in love, I introduced him to my family, he introduced me to his. It is something that I had not felt with any of my partners. I was always afraid of what they will say, of the comments, and today I am not afraid. With him it happens to me that I want to tell it and I feel safe ”.

Also, Camila Nash assured that Tinder is one hundred percent effective. “An appointment, a pololeo and we downloaded the application” he added.

Her partner’s name is Rodrigo Castro, he is 42 years old and works in a soft drink company in Santiago, so they see each other from time to time, although they already have plans to live together. “He travels more here, and others come to look for me and take me. He is super protective and romantic. When we were nine days old, I stayed home without him and when I arrived there were nine red roses for the nine days of pololeo ”.

“There are conversations because we are both intense and clumsy. So being apart in the week is painful. The distance is uncomfortable for us. Despite the fact that we see each other fed up, we miss each other ”, he sentenced.

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