"We are interested in students making up class hours"

The Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, Matías Cánepa, made reference to the scope of the joint measures achieved with the teachers.

Cánepa pointed out that “It was always the government’s decision that wages beat inflation, and we have had some of the best parity in the country”.

Asked by teachers who do not accept the agreement reached with the unions, Cánepa clarified that “You cannot treat someone who goes to work the same as someone who does not show up at work”. And that from the government they hope that tomorrow Monday “teachers who were not working during the month of August will do so now”, and warned that “If they do not reimburse on Monday, they will have the discounts that are set in the pertinent regulations”.

I also clarify that it will work in an articulated way so that the students who were affected by the teaching conflict can make up the hours of classes missed.

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