Viral: Injured cows return by helicopter to their home in a Swiss valley

At least a dozen cows they were airlifted from the high valleys of the Urner Boden alpine region in central Switzerland to nearby lower regions after they were injured during the grazing season.

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In early summer, in order to feed their livestock with the abundant amount of fresh, good-quality grass that characterizes alpine meadows, ranchers move their animals from their communities to the higher mountain regions, undertaking a long march to cross the Klausen Pass, almost 2,000 meters above sea level, and reach the pasture sites, indicates RT.

However, the animals are exposed to different dangers and, on occasions, suffer injuries that limit their mobility, so this year those cows that were not in a position to start the walk back home were secured to the lower part of the helicopter and transported to the lowlands near the Klausen Pass.

Photo: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

Every year, hundreds of people gather in the town of Urnerboden to witness the parade of the nearly 1,000 head of cattle, distributed in various herds, and the bovine festival that celebrates the return of the shepherds to their communities.

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