Violent father to go to jail for savagely beating his 7-year-old son

The Embarcación criminal prosecutor, Gabriela Souto, represented the Public Ministry before Chamber II of the Judgment of the Tartagal district, in the hearing of debate against a 38-year-old man, accused as the author of the crime of injury minor aggravated by the bond to the detriment of her 7 year old son.

The fact judged occurred on September 10, 2020 in Matadero de Embarcación neighborhood, when the defendant hit his seven-year-old son several blows to different parts of the body, causing him considerable injuries.

In the investigation, the minor declared in closed TV circuit, revealing a situation of extreme violence within the family, which led to the intervention of the Counseling for Minors and Incapacitated Persons and the Family and Gender Violence Court, the child together with his four brothers were removed from the home and put to shelter.

On the ruling, Judge Anastasio Vázquez Sgardelis imposed the accused, serving a sentence of one year and six months of effective prison.

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