Video: a firefighter saved the life of a baby who was not breathing


His dad ran up to the barracks and firefighters were fired to look for the baby and they began to assist the one-year-old child.

As can be seen in the security camera recording of the barracks, Sofia performed infant CPR and saved her. In despair mother Jancarla fainted and one of the sons collapsed on the ground crying, thinking that he had already passed away.

Sofía Lacamoida, 31, helped Meylín with the exercise that uses three fingers and the contractions are made against the sternum, accompanied by breathing, she said. She also added that for her “saving her for me was everything” and that the revival time seemed an eternity.

“With regard to the procedure we have a golden time to avoid the most serious damages. It is much more feasible that they go ahead the boys with 70% recovery, that adults, “explained the Fire woman.

Inside of the happy ending In this story, the baby’s mother thanked the firefighter for helping her baby and confessed through tears that for her “he was already gone” and it was impossible to see her again.

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