Veterans and their strong growth drive

Natalia Miguel
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Once the stage was completed, in February 2020, located in the spacious and well-kept property of Villanueva and Paso, which could not yet be enabled due to the pandemic, the members of the Center for War Veterans and Relatives of Fallen in Malvinas did not close everything and they waited for the new normal. On the contrary, once the strongest confinement had been overcome, they set to work and with the support of their partners – who are increasingly more – and that of individuals and companies, they carried out a series of works that they are proud to show today. And there are still other projects in the pipeline.

In dialogue with The new one. The president of the directive commission, VGM Luis Martín Higueras, commented, for example, that the sidewalk was built in the entire exterior part, on both streets, and in the courtyard, and it was built in the sector in front of the institution, for what now has a secretariat, a space for the attention of professional service shifts, and a treasury. This place has entrance and exit through the patio or through the main facade.

“The increase in the number of members, today there are almost 500 despite the pandemic, allowed us to complete a large project, such as the remodeling of the room with capacity for 100 people (in principle its use will be only for members). It has a totally new kitchen and grill, and another space that is used for crockery, ”he said.

At the same time, he stated that they built a shed for the collection of materials and a workshop for “the boys from the patio”, which are seven people who work, ad honorem, in the maintenance of the Center, from Monday to Friday, from 16 to 18. “When we finish the daily work that each of us has to do, we share the cooked mate and we go home,” he added about the work and camaraderie that prevails in the place.

Meanwhile, he maintained that they have in the pipeline the change of the floors, including the new room that has around 120 square meters (and with the modifications it will be expanded to 160).


In the office area, Higueras explained that professionals work for Pami and for members free care is provided.

“We plan to do three more clinics. Today we have 6, of which 1 is intended for dentistry, which will be launched shortly. We already have the chair and other items, and with some donations we are trying to get the remaining equipment. In this service, between 18 and 22 codes will be covered at no cost to members. In addition, there are clinical doctors, psychologists, hairdressers, masseurs and podiatrists, among others, “he said, after which he pointed out that those interested in learning more about the services can approach the entity, Monday, Tuesday and Friday, from 2pm to 5pm.


The entity, which turned 22 this year, has three subcommittees: “La peña 2 de abril”, “Ladies” and “Generación Malvinas”.

“We have an interest in young people so that they continue with the ‘Malvinas flame’, ‘with the cause’. This group collected donations to send to the south when the fires were registered ”.

Meanwhile, “the ladies do fundraisers and other events aimed at the community. Treats were recently delivered to schools for Children’s Day ”.

Road to 40 years

Higueras recalled that two years ago, due to the coronavirus, April 2 cannot be commemorated.

“We always did it with a vigil, we remembered our fallen, but not sadly, but sharing the moment with everyone, with the performance of clubs and other groups, and then we did the race (the 10 km of Malvinas).”

Meanwhile, for the coming year, a special event is being planned at the Ministry of Defense level, together with the three Forces and the government, to make a reminder for the 40 years of the Gesta de Malvinas, with the presence of all veterans.

“On the one hand, there are occasions that have a high emotional degree. And, on the other hand, despite the years, we continue to walk together to claim for our rights and benefits. We don’t cut routes or anything like that. The last concern refers to annex 40 of the medical board that leads to a ministerial resolution for the payment of a bonus or subsidy. In that last claim there were 7,500 veterans, and the previous year, we were more than 6,000 ”.

“We do it through the National Confederation and the Provincial Federation (of which the Center is a partner and Higueras is a member of the directive commission). We are persistent in time. We hold meetings and we are always in a state of mobilization. Little by little doors are opening ”, he mentioned.

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