Unity in the individual review: Kamada continues to be disappointing

Kevin Trapp: Couldn’t excel in a spectacular rescue act. In stoppage time stood in the way of Wimmer’s winning goal from an acute angle. But he was powerless against the Austrian’s goal to make it 1-1. Had an important helper in Hinteregger, who blocked Hack’s shot on the line. And once when Hack cleared the crossbar for the goalkeeper.

Erik Durm: Had his best scene when he passed the ball with great clarity to the onrushing goal scorer Hauge. Otherwise with a changeable appearance. Again, courageous in the matter. With the most flanks (three). But too much with one or the other playback error. Decreased as the playing time increased.

Evan Ndicka: Has long been a role model for sovereignty. He let his opponents feel this with good duel behavior. But when Arminia increased the pressure, he got problems too. Made most of the ball contacts (108).

Martin Hinteregger: With his physical presence he blew his way into every duel. So won the most (72 percent). “Represented” the already defeated Trapp brilliantly on the line. The defense chief is approaching his best form again, but still has to improve offensively.

Christopher Lenz: Was involved in the preparatory work to 1-0. Profitable offensive actions by him, however, are the exception. He is above all a fighter and worker.

Djibril Sow: Claims the executive role for himself. But this time was not enough leader. Barely got the offensive game going. Lost the ball – like the one shortly before half-time, which led to a good free-kick chance for Arminia. After all, with a duel rate of 70 percent.

Ajdin Hrustic: Much in motion. Correspondingly many ball contacts (103). Only sometimes does he lack clarity in the game. His lob into the penalty area to Borré was nice to look at. Its standards must become more dangerous.

Jens Petter Hauge: Scored his second goal of the season. Is the only Eintracht goalscorer in the Bundesliga so far. But didn’t use the chance to make it 2-0. Covered the most kilometers (12.68). But must become more compelling in his actions.

Daichi Kamada: Another big disappointment. Runs far behind its capabilities. Often seemed like a foreign body in the game. Only before the 1: 1 did he send Durm steep. Only won 25 percent of his tackles.

Jesper Lindström: Was always on the ball. But hardly anything came out of it for the team. Too imprecise in his actions. The Dane was unable to take advantage of a mistake made by Arminia goalkeeper Ortega.

Rafael Borré: The next game without a goal for the Colombian. He still lacks the coolness at the end. As a lone fighter at the front with no fortune. But his will to want to make a difference is unbroken.

Aymen Barkok: Came into play for Kamada. Didn’t bring any animation to the encounter.

Ragnar Ache: Replaced Lindström. Also without any noteworthy action in the attack.

Gonçalo Patience: Was allowed to run for Borré. Didn’t act like a goalscorer in the few minutes of play.

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