Unipar, an industry for industries

Unipar, whose plant is located in Ingeniero White, is a pioneer in the Argentine petrochemical industry and occupies a fundamental role at the base of the production chain since, through the production of chlorine, caustic soda and PVC as raw materials, it enables the transformation of products and contributes to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

“Being producers of basic raw materials used by multiple industries in our country, makes us be present in people’s lives on a daily basis: for example, in water treatment, in the food, cosmetic, iron and steel industries, and even in power generation plants. Also in drug blisters, in the automotive industry or in construction ”, highlighted Guillermo Petracci, Industrial Director of the Bahía Blanca Plant.

–In line with the presence in people’s lives, on what do you base the relationship with the community of which they are part?

– At Unipar we believe, value and support the development of communities; we are committed to generating a sustainable relationship and we work to be present in them. Through the CCC (Community Advisory Council) we met with the main leaders of the intermediate institutions of Ingeniero White to work together in basic activities that benefit all the neighbors.

“Also, for the second consecutive year we sponsor Social Projects with a focus on education, the environment and social vulnerability. This year, we accompanied 5 institutions in their designated projects through a public call for tenders and we financed them with $ 4 million pesos ”.

Guillermo Petracci, Industrial Director of UNIPAR Argentina

–What is the company’s relationship with sustainability and the environment?

–At Unipar we value sustainability through a commitment to excellence, health, safety and the preservation of the environment and natural resources, that is why 10 years ago we began a path in which we managed to reduce by 25 % the water consumption of our Bahía Blanca plant through more efficient processes and reusing the treated effluents.

“We also invested 7 million dollars in works to improve the quantity and quality of the effluent, reduce water consumption and optimize energy consumption. Today, our focus is on caring for the environment to continue optimizing our processes, which already have a very high level, and to be able to advance on the path of clean energy towards sustainability ”.

–What is the future of Unipar as an industry leader in its sector?

–We are an industry that produces for other industries and that generates income for Argentina, which makes us aware of our current and future role in the production chain and the importance of starting from sustainability as part of the entire strategy of business.

“We want to grow with a well-trained team, trained and committed to a work of excellence, together with society and our business partners,” Petracci closed.

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